Mobile self-service gas stations MGST

Reasonable management of fuel without financial loss – fuel under control

Our gas stations are designed mainly for easier storage or more precisely the distribution of fuel and oils(gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, ethanol,bioethanol, vegetable oil and AdBlue). We offer solutions for bigger and smaller cities, truck companies, industrial parks, ski centers, etc. The ulitization of our mobile gas stations will be mostly appriciated by owners of personal cars, trucks, boats and yachts. They are also suitable for companies, which work with constuction and mining machinery, motor locomotives and other equipment, which requires regular refueling.

Investment, which will fastly pay off

MGST – revolitionary solutions for fuel

Mobile gas stations bring a revolutionary unattended solution of a selling or distribution automat of fuels. Mobile gas stations overthrow the ordinary gas stations in every technical and service aspect.

Mobile self-service automatized gas stations MGST are not a construction, but rather a facility, which has the whole needed technology implanted in a container ( only the emergency tank is under the surface). Thanks to the mobility of the gas stations they can be placed on any reinforced surface as the owner of the gas station requires. Although everything has to be in accordance with the terms of security and the requirements of competent offices, we offer our assistance with these issues.

Complete scope of mobility

Our mobile gas stastions and their technical equipment are created with pen point accuracy thanks to the usage of CNC machines, which guarantee high and lasting quality. During the whole process all parts of our product are undergoing strict controls of quality and a high manfacturing standard.

Our products go through a komplex certification process. This guarantees that our gas stations MGST are always the highest quality and they have the most modern technical standards. Thanks to the modern technology our gas stations can be exposed to any climate. This ensures that the station can be placed anywhere and in any time of the year.

Save finances on service and maintanence of gas stations

Our goal is for our mobile gas stations MGST to be without any failure even after many years of operation, which will save you quite a lot of expenses.

How will the purchase of MGST benefit you?

  • Significantly lower costs than during a construction of a regular gas station, minimal service costs and a simple service which needs no employees
  • Guarantee of a fast return of your investment
  • Fast and simple commissioning of MGST, no issues with instalation out of the city, parking lots, ski centers or industrial areas
  • 24/7 attendless safe service, which saves time and Money – payment for fuel with credit cards, chip cards for companies ( available to make a control with the drivers log)
  • Long lifetime thanks to state of the art and profesional treatment and the usage of high quality robust materials
  • Easy assembly and mobility of the whole facility
  • The whole of the technical equipment is placed in a transportable container(ISO 6681CC)
  • Low requirement for excavation and construction works
  • The acility is not a constrution but a machine. This will eleviate the need for different permits and documentations required by regular gas stations
  • Assembly and commissioning does not take longer than a day
  • Modularity of the facility, it is able to adapt to the needs of the customer
  • Self service and controll in any time of year
  • 24 hour online control
  • Data transfer (GPRS / 3G /LTE) provide constant and reliable control – repairs within 24 hours
  • The whole facility is EU certificated
  • In accordance with technical norms and the law of SR and EU
  • Possibility of modification catering the needs of the investor
  • Lower initial costs, minimal service costs and easy handling without any employees
  • Also guarantees high value during occasional retail
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Still not convinced? These benefits of MGST will surely convice you!
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MGST as a long term investment

The basis of our MGST is the cubic form of the tank and technical equipment placed in the moveable container. This ensures optimal usage of space, low cost of transportation and a perfect integration into the surrounding enviroment or infrastructure. All the components are made to have a long service life. This is why during the design and creation of our products we carefully take into account countless construction details. This way we can prevent damaging through corrosion or over usage.

Our products are standardly placed in transport containers with ISO norms, which are made from quality solid steel. If required we also can provide non standard size of the container with GL or TÜV certificates. All significant construction elements are designed and created in accordance to internationally agreed DIBt and stacic tests. Excelent protection from corrosion ensures long service life of our products.

Revolutionary protection from corrosion helps achieve long service life of MGST

We also provide fully transportable storage containers for fuel, which are used to increasing the capacity of any MGST, and we provide mobile offices eventually mobile business offices and a wide variety of equipment for the MGST.

Pros of a self serviced gas station

Quality we use and offer quality. Gas stations MGST are a guarantee of quality
Security: optimal security level is ensured by different national and international certificates.
Cost affordable costs thanks to the philosophy of modular construction system of our tanks and unified technical equipment also for individual requirements.
Time: faster assembly of our gas stastions on any requite places is possible thanks to prefabricated, in modular blocks transported, components and unified technical equipment. „ preparation of the surface takes the most time“.
Assembly unified technical equipment and prefabricated components guarantee a trouble free assembly of MGST on any requested place.
Construction: All individual structures are treated with the same precision as standard systems.
Long service life usage of quality and robust materials in our products guarantees a long lifespan. Modern product concepts fulfill the requirements of upcoming decades
Service: easy manipulation and service of gas stations. This excludes the need for employees and lowers the costs. Our automatized products include autonomous systems.
Land requirements thanks to the cubic form and compact design of our facility they need minimal space for their service.
Design: Easy integration of our gas stations in therequired environment is ensured by modern design and individual color scheme.