Mobile Automated Gas Stations MGST with Office for the operator manufactured within the transport containers with standard ISO dimensions.

Mobile Automated Gas Station MGST  with built-in Office features due to its cubic design especially through optimum use of space, high security and easy transport from. Depending on the version  hold the tanks 11,000 to 36,000 litres of fuelssuch as petrol, diesel, biodiesel, bioethanol, kerosene, vegetable oil and others. With the integrated office space for the operating personnel of the station provides the gas station MGST a complete, portable tank unit, which can be extended at virtually, respectively rebuilt, whereas all the technical equipment is placed in transport containers above the ground.


Mobile Automated Gas Stations MGST with Office are also created within the transport container with standard ISO dimensions as all other products. This has great advantages in combining multiple container units and also already in transport. The cubic form has an optimal space utilization and its storage can save enough space on the property.

No matter where is a mobile petrol station with office space required; The Mobile Automated Gas Stations MGST with Office are proven systems in areas with poor infrastructure and provide reliable service in demanding climates and harsh environments. Different functional niches accommodate inter alia the pump, the technical equipment and the diesel generator with 5 kW of power for a self-contained power supply. Especially in hotter regions of the sun roof provides effective protection against overheating of the stations container.

The equipment
The roof of the mobile petrol station is a single-walled, self-supporting structure, including the the hole DN 650, lightning-rods against lightning strikes, a sealing hood with gas spring, various connection points and the vent houses.

In the long side two niches are located on the tank-container with aggregate, which have different functions. The filling niche is about 800 mm wide, 650 mm deep and 2000 mm high and with a filling tube with matching piping and a pump for the transfer of 650 liters per minute. The lights in the niche come with the switch and the shutter door.

In a bit larger functional niche with 2000 mm width, 1000 mm deep and 2000 mm height, the leak detector, the pump for gasoline or diesel pipeline component and a capacity of about 80 – 120 liters per minute are stored. In addition, here are a lighting switch, a fire extinguisher and emergency stop switch.

The built-in office space has room for the operators of the gas station and is equipped with an air conditioner, a lockable door and a window (optional mirrored). The office comes with the lighting, electrical distribution and control system.

Installation of the Mobile Automated Gas Station MGST with Office is very simple and fast:

  • The pumping equipment (tanks with pumps and the necessary technical equipment) is transported in the transport container to its destination, where is with the help of a crane unloaded from a truck and may be immediately put into operation (time required for the installation is maximally 1 day).
  • Roofing, heated access ramps, payment terminals, camera and alarm systems (all required optional ACCESSORY) are installed after import of the pumping equipment and its placing at the designated position.
  • It is necessary to prepare the underlying surface right before the importation of the pumping equipment. The petrol station must be placed on a sufficiently solid concrete slab, or strip foundations (time required for the installation is up to 1 week).

Technical specifications of the Mobile Automated Gas Station MGST with Office:

  • Performance of dispensing from 80 to 120 l / min.
  • Leveling frame
  • Roofing, heated and lighted dispensing areas
  • Manipulation area
  • Modules of dispensing & software
  • Electronically ensure evidence of dispensed fuels
  • Protected data transfer
  • Inputs and outputs are monitored by special sensors
  • Intercepting and emergency absorber (drain)
  • Fully equipped office

High safety thanks to double-wall construction
The container has a double wall construction from the robust material S 235 JR, which effectively protects against accidental fuel discharge. For the best security a vacuum leak monitoring is integrated into the mobile petrol stations MGST. If the container is damaged recognizes the electronic leak detector vacuum the vacuum decay and ensures that both visually and acoustically alarm is triggered.



  • Simple construction – All equipment is placed in shipping container (ISO 6681CC) and is easy to relocate when the petrol station at the site loses the meaning (mobility of the whole equipment)
  • No excavation works all equipment ranging from tanks through fuel dispensers up to the camera system is fitted in the transport container that is placed on the surfacecomfortof the operation remains unchanged thanks to roofing, access ramps with heated dispensing areas and interactive operation
  • It is not a building; it is therefore unnecessary to arrange as many permissions as in the case of conventional service stations
  • Simple trouble-free initiation also in locations outside cities, in parking areas, in industrial estates, etc.
  • The modularity of the device – if necessary, simple replacement for larger tanks, eventually buying additional tanks which can be linked with the original petrol station
  • The overall automatization (free serviceability) and control in every season
  • Slef-service automated operationfuels dispenzing using credit cards and smart chip cards for private/business purposes – control with the log book
  • Permanent control through information transfer (GPRS) Service in 24 hours
  • The safety of the whole operationbuilt-in autonomous systems of ventilation, fire protection and extinguishing systems, overall control systems of the condition, quality and levels of stored driving fuels
  • Absolute security Control of camera and safety system
  • Certification of the entire device according to EU rules and standards
  • Compliance with valid legal and technical regulations and standards of SR and EU
  • Possibility of the complete modification to the requirements of the investor
  • Lower initial costs with minimum operating costs and overall easy to operate
  • Long lifetime and high resale value

Easy loading by crane or fork-lift – total mobility

MGST_Tankcontainer_advantages_01Transport of the  mobile petrol station by truck to the designated location.
MGST_Tankcontainer_advantages_02Unloading of the mobile petrol station by crane.
MGST_Tankcontainer_advantages_03The subsequent manipulation of the petrol station with the help of the forklift.

Quick simple assembly
Unloading and placement of the mobile petrol station onthe prepared paved area quickly and easily the help of the crane.
The road-tank fuels tanks.
Mobile self-service petrol station is ready to use. The first car can be refueled.
Simple extension of the mobile petrol station
Next petrol station is brought. It will be unloaded and placed to the designated area by crane.
The road-tank fuels tanks of both mobile petrol stations.
Mobile self-service petrol station is ready to use. Two cars can be refueled at the same time.
Simple replacement of the equipment
Emptying tanks of the petrol station with the help of road-tank. Inside of tanks must be cleaned.
New mobile petrol station is brought (for example, onw with a larger volume). Petrol stations are replaced by crane.
On-loading and and transport away of the old petrol station by truck.
Simple disassembly of he mobile petrol station
Emptying tanks of the petrol station with the help of road-tank – inside of tanks must be cleaned.
On-loading by crane and transport away of the petrol station by truck.
Removing the paved area under the petrol station. All used materials must be recycled.
Simple renovation of the equipment
For the purpose of the renovation carries the truck whole mobile petrol station to one of our service partners.
After the general overhaul carries the truck whole mobile petrol station back to its site.
After placing the station and refuelling its tanks is the mobile self-service gas station ready to use again.
High resale value of the mobile gas station
Thanks to quality workmanship and realization have our Mobile gas stations MGST high resale value.
Upon mutual agreement is the mobile petrol station simple and quickly transported to the new usage site.
After placing the station and fuelling its tanks is the Mobile self-service automated gas station MGST ready to use again for the new owner.



Mobile Self-service Automated  Gas Stations MGST can be used for commercial purposes as standard petrol stations for all kinds of motor vehicles. Sale of fuels is carried out through the self-service payment terminals for credit cards. Petrol station is fully automated, office serves for control staff.

By taking care of the environmental aspects can be our gas stations used as a full-valued petrol stations also for motor boats.

Petrol stations MGST are independent, self-operated gas stations. They are used for dispensing fuels for all types of motor vehicles. With a wide platform of the equipment can be our petrol stations also used in extreme climatic conditions, in the inhospitable places. Their operating temperature range is -25 ° C to + 55 ° C.


Mobile Self-service Automated  Gas Stations MGST can be used for private, respectively business purposes  for all motor vehicles in the yards of companies, freight forwarding halls, bus terminals, etc. Dispensing is carried out via self-service dispensers (terminal for the corporates chip card). Gas station is fully automated, office serves for control staff. Thanks to the smart chip cards you can easily monitor the fuel dispensing and inscribe it into an electronic log book. You will have driving fuels under the fully control.

This eliminates the need to travel to public petrol stations and of course in larger amounts you buy fuels cheaper. Thanks us you can save money.

Our petrol stations can be placed without unnecessary permissions also at the building site as a device (not a building). All cars and construction machines can be comfortably refueled directly at the site. The mobile petrol station can be relocated by crane at any time.



You can find all accessories for Mobile Automated Gas Stations MGST with Office, its description and technical specifications,  in the section Accessories for Gas Stations MGST.

Among the accessories for Mobile Automated Gas Stations MGST with Office  belong for example roofing, access ramps and heated dispensing areas, base plates and foundations, payment systems for public dipensation and card (chip) systems for non-public dipensation, camera and alarm systems.





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