Mobile Storage Tanks manufactured within the transport containers with standard ISO dimension

These Mobile Storage Tanks are the ideal complement for the Mobile Self-service Gas Stations MGST that can be expanded without limits. Because of its cubical and standardized construction complying ISO dimensions the containers are stackable of up to 8 empty units and easy to transport. As per demand, the storage containers come with one or two chambers and contain, depending on its volume 10.000, 24.000 or 50.000 liters. As the Mobile Storage Tanks can be connected with each other a capacity of up to 2.000.000 liters can be reached thereby satisfying long term sustainability for fuel need at just about any place.


Construction of the tank (container)
The modules of Mobile Storage Tanks are easy to combine and to transport because of the uniform and cubical construction. That way several storage tanks can be transported safely to its destination using little space. In order to guarantee a optimum security each storage tank is being built double walled. The supporting construction includes a very sturdy container frame with 8 ISO corners and a welded and ventilated bottom part. The inside tanks are made of robust steel S 235 JR in order to satisfy highest demands.

Equipment of the Mobile Storage Tanks
The roof is single walled, constructed in a self-supporting way and has an integrated hood. Apart from the dome entrance DN 500, there is a 2” sleeve connection interface, a level sensor that indicates the remaining volume and a ventilation socket DN 50 with its hood.
The functional niche is located on the side of the container.It is 800 mm wide, 500 mm deep, 2000 mm high and secured by a door. The leak indicator checking the vacuum and the electric connection are build inside the niche. As optional equipment additional niches can be fitted into the storage tanks. On top of these features, we offer additional walls for two or more chamber tanks, an overflow safety, a filling system for supply trucks as well as an extraction system, level indicator, overflow indicator and several safety elements. MGST Storage Tanks can be linked with each other in order to create a tank depot. Mobile Storage Tanks are an ideal complement for the Mobile Self-service Automated Gas Stations MGST, with which the petrol station can be expanded as necessary.

High security thanks to double walled construction
The container is made of steel S 235 JRG 2 guaranteeing high security. The vacuum leak indicator is warning reliably of a fuel leak, should there be a mechanical damage of the tank. An anti-lightning safety with its conducting bars and its grounding cables is an additional safety against bad weather.


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