Roofing, dispensing areas, payment sytems, security systems – a variety of accessories with which you can customize the petrol stations MGST to your wishes.

Mobile automated self-service gas stations MGST are autonomous operating units shouldered in the transport containers with standard ISO dimension, in wich all the necessary devices for the storage and dispensation of fuels are placed. However with accessories can you customize the petrol stations to your own requirements and offer a greater comfort to users.

Roofing of the Petrol Stations

Prestresenie_01_thumbnail Prestresenie_02_thumbnailWe cooperate with team of architects and engineers who are familiar with the issues of the mobile petrol stations and know their technical features, so they can design for you any roofing of the petrol stations that meets your tequirements – from a single pent roof to the complex spatial structures. We manage also the production of these proposals and then their assembly. Of course we manage and deliver everything complete “Turnkey” and with the necessary permissions.


Access Ramps and Heated Dispensing Areas

Najazdy_01_thumbnailNajazdy_02_thumbnailFor the Mobile Self-service Gas Stations MGST you can buy also access ramps and heated dispensing areas, whereby is eliminated the necessity for maintenance the surrounding of the petrol station in the winter time. Heated surfaces are powered by the aggregate/geberator of the petrol station and are made-to-measure according to your requirements. Access ramps normally contain the necessary drains and filters for removing oil products, meeting the strict regulations of the legislation.


Base Plates and Foundations

Zaklady_02_thumbnailZaklady_03_thumbnailIn the cooperation with architects, engineers and manufacturing companies we can provide the base plates for the petrol stations that suit the surrounding and underlying conditions, where the stations are located. Of course the price of the foundations is included in the price of the petrol station. Along with the foundations we equip and obtain for you all the necessary permitions to operate a Mobile Self-service Automated  Gas Stations MGST. Thanks to the Accessories for the petrol stations MGST we can deliver the petrol stations “turnkey”. You do not need to take care about the establishment and operation of the stations.

Payment Systems for Public Dipensation

Verejny_vydaj_01_thumbnailVerejny_vydaj_02_thumbnail Verejny_vydaj_03_thumbnailWe deliver, as a part of the petrol station equipment, the automated fuel dispensers Tatsuno type BMP 4022 in combination with payment terminal for ATM cards Xpay® Built-In. The Xstation® Lite industrial server (which processes the payments, the data of pumped quantity and a price to the computer and manages the refueling) is also the part of the dispenser. This set is completely self-serviced and works in automatic mode. A desired quantity of fuels can be seleced with built-in keyboard. The dispenser is one-sided. It includes one petrol hose and one diesel hose. The performance of the dispensation is  2 x 45 l / min. by default. The stand includes 2 x the ZVA dispenser nozzle with a 4.5 m long hose, LCD display and a PDE-electronics. Dispensers are placed in a niche intended for the dispensing and are powered directly by the generator of the station. To the payment systems we supply also regular servicing, calibration and remote monitoring of the stations.


Card (chip) Systems for Non-public Dipensation

Neverejne_01_thumbnailNeverejne_02_thumbnailNeverejne_03_thumbnailThe chip terminals for non-public dispensation are self-service fuel dispensers, allowing refueling with a contactless identification card in 24-hour mode. Dispensers are protected by a PIN code – its proper entering allowes tanking. All datas about refueling are stored in a smart controller that can be wirelessly via GSM gateway connected to the computer. These datas can be further processed using the supplied software. To the assemblies are supplied practicaly unlimited number of unique chip cards. Through the connection to the computer you can acquire full control over dispensed fuels. This allows you to monitor fuel consumption and export these data into an electronic log book. You can choose the required flow of the dispenser that can deliver 45, 85 or up to 135 liters of fuels per minute.


Electronic Gas Station Standing Pylon

totem_4_thumbnail totem_3_thumbnailtotem_2_thumbnailtotem_1_thumbnailtotem_5_thumbnailWe deliver electronic gas station standing pylons Gema by default. You can choose from a wide range of standardized products with a height as needed, or to design own forms. For displaying the fuels prices the LED-displays in the seventh-segment or multi-segment design are used. You can choose from four color versions of LED Display: white, red, yellow and green. Available are also electro-mechanical display boards MD combined with LED backlighting. Electronic gas station standing pylons can be controlled by a portable hand controller with a cable or wireless connection, by a GSM data tranfer and SMS, by a smartphone with Wi-Fi, and of course it is possible to connect the standing pylon to any type of pumping station control system.


Camera (Control) Systems

Kamera_system_01_thumbnailKamera_system_02_thumbnailThanks to the camera systems you will have under the control the surrounding of your petrol station. You can watch all cameras anytime and anywhere through the mobile applications on your mobile device or using the cloud services on the internet from any computer. Console with hard disc are locked in the container of the petrol station which also powers them with electricity. Therefore there is no need to build additional external power supply or battery. Cameras record high-definition video up to 720p; that allowes well to recognize the number plates of the cars. Also at night thanks to the night vision function the detail of recorded images is high.


Alarm (Security) Systems

Poplasne_01_thumbnailIMG_4648.JPGThanks to the alarm system you have the security of your petrol station under the control at any time. We recommend to install motion sensors into all niches that are not accessible to the public. The violation of these zones will immediately trigger an alarm. Also the motion sensors sense the position and movement of the entire container. When someone manipulates unauthorized with the container the control system will also trigger an alarm (protection against theft). Sensors communicate with the console wireless. The system contains GSM getaway. The alarm system can thus be controlled remotely by SMS or through applications on your mobile device. The console with the control panel is locked in the container of the petrol station which also powers the system with electricity. Therefore there is no need to build additional external power supply or battery.


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